A mixed-method scholar interested sociology of sexuality, media, and technology. 

Born and raised in Argentina, Facundo earned his BA in Communication from the Universidad de San Andrés (UdeSA), a MA in Sociology from the Universidad Nacional del General San Martín (IDAES/UNSAM), and a MA in Media, Technology, and Society (Northwestern University). His research interests intersect issues of sexuality and technology. Facundo is coordinator of the Center for Latinx Digital Media, and his work has appeared in New Media & Society, Journalism and Cuadernos.info. He is currently working on the book manuscript The patina of distrust: Misinformation in a context of generalized skepticism (joint with Eugenia Mitchelstein, Pablo Boczkowski, and María Celeste Wagner), under contract with the MIT Press. Before Northwestern, he was a coordinator at the Center for Media and Society (MESO) in Argentina between 2018 and 2020. Facundo is affiliated with the Digital Apothecary Lab, led by Dr. Moya Bailey.